Growing my own

I am very aware I have not blogged for a few months.  My excuse is that our third child was born in October.   I have a son who is adorable.  He is doted upon by his two big sisters and responds to them in a very unique way too.  I have been quietly amazed by how they have all got to know each other and bond in such a short space of time.   He brings a lot of fun and laughter too.


It may sound obvious that I have felt more in-tune with my baby’s needs this time round, much more than I ever did with the other two.


So as our lives have started becoming easier and sleep more plentiful I was maybe a little too enthusiastic to our next big life event.   I was offered an allotment and without too much hesitation said yes!  

 Now I have never aspired to have such a thing.  My grandfather had one and the only thing I remember being harvested was beans, beans and more beans!  


The plot was previously wasteland so has required a lot of work.   My husband and I have spent a fair few hours digging in the last fortnight in between looking after our brood and visiting our local food & drink festival this weekend.  We are both reaping the benefits of the allotment already with increased physical activity (we’re exhausted) and safe sun exposure for absorption of vitamin D (with the exception of my husband going a little pink this weekend with an unexpectedly strong Welsh sun). The advice and help from everyone on the allotments has been fantastic.


When we start harvesting fruit and vegetables we will be astonished…um I mean delighted! 

abcdietitian chard and kale

 The girls are keen to start growing veg too, which should increase their repertoire.    So watch this space for allotment progress and recipes, but for now here is some chard and kale that we were given from a fellow plotter  - her plot is definitely giving me allotment envy!


I pan-fried the green leafy veg, rich in vitamins and iron, in some olive oil with onion and garlic.  A delicious accompaniment to the ostrich steak bought at the festival.  Happy days!