RM September '13

'My visit to Angharad literally changed all our lives for the better! She immediately diagnosed my baby as having an intolerance to cows milk protein and supported me in getting him onto the milk that was right for him making him a very content little boy with no more sickness or tummy aches and lots more sleep! I am so grateful for her excellent guidance and quick intervention.'


CG November 2013

‘I saw Angharad with my 7 month daughter who had been suffering with what I suspected was reflux for a number of months.  She was vomiting 15-20 times a day and this was having a significant impact on our daily life.   I noticed her vomiting had got worse once I had started giving her dairy products whilst weaning.  Angharad was exceptionally thorough, understanding and knowledgeable during our consultation.  As I was breastfeeding at the time, Angharad was able to advise both myself and my daughter on a wheat and dairy free diet and came up with a plan to pinpoint what might be causing my daughter’s vomiting.  She gave us lots of recipe ideas and continued support throughout the process.  My daughter quickly stopped vomiting throughout the day and has now almost grown out of her intolerance to dairy.  Thoroughly recommended’. 


BW July '14:

‘Angharad's relaxed but confident manner ensured that my twelve year son (passionate about his competitive swimming) quickly engaged with Angharad. He happily completed a food and activity diary that allowed Angharad to develop a personalised nutrition guide to help him train at the intensity demanded by his swim coach.  He was the envy of his friends at the next weekend gala with the imaginative and tasty food box and his ability to maintain his performance throughout the competition.  Thank you Angharad from both of us.’